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Pharmaceutical and healthcare wholesaler GD Cooper Ltd is well known for friendly service and expert knowledge. With over 40 years’ experience and customers in more than 40 countries, we’re your first choice for prescription medicines, pharmacy lines and leading brand toiletries.

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Timely and efficient delivery to community pharmacies using MHRA approved carriers and our own temperature-controlled vehicles.

Expertise in export shipping around the world, working with leading carriers to ensure that goods arrive on time and in great condition.

Our knowledgeable buyers work with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and major UK healthcare brands to ensure that we stock the products you need.

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Product shortages affect everyone in the supply chain but the biggest impact is on the patient.

It doesn’t help that a lot of finger-pointing is going on in the industry: Pharmacists blame, thinking that they are to blame by exporting limited stocks out of the UK; wholesalers blame manufacturers, claiming that they are artificially creating shortages to drive up prices.

None of this helpful to the patient – and getting the right medicines to the patient should be everyone’s priority.

So what’s really going on? Read full article here


Growth has been steady over the years, turnover has increased 50-fold since 1978 and the company now employs 25 people. This growth was initially achieved without an expensive marketing strategy. Customers were friends and business contacts, but the company’s reputation has since spread all over the country. “Word of mouth” has been a big factor in our growth with customer loyalty helping to fuel the company’s success.

We are now in a position to develop a marketing strategy that will create more opportunities for our customers and in turn help company growth.

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