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Dylon Travel Wash 75ml

Hand-luggage approved  Concentrated & compact  Non-bio & colour-safe  Holiday wash essential!

Holiday wash essential  Fabric Care Travel Wash is a concentrated cream detergent ideal for washing clothes whilst away from home. Travel Wash is bleach free and safe to use on all fabrics including delicates such as wool and silk. It is effective in hot, cold and even sea water. The cream produces a gentle lather, which is kind to hands and easy to rinse out of clothes. The pleasant perfume leaves clothes smelling fresh and ready to wear again while its handy size makes it ideal for holiday and travel.

Preparation and Usage

Hand Use  Dissolve one to two teaspoons in a bowl or basin of hot or cold water.  Wash articles, rinse well and dry.  For heavily soiled areas like collars and cuffs, squeeze undiluted  Travel Wash directly onto the area, scrub lightly and wash.  Replace cap tightly after use.

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