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Bausch & Lomb Easysept Peroxide Solution Simple One Step System 360ml

Disinfects & stores all soft contact lenses.  Converts to a preservative free saline.  Suitable for sensitive eyes.    THIS PACK CONTAINS:  1 x Bottle of sterile and buffered 3% hydrogen peroxide solution.  1 x Special contact lens case including catalytic disc.    When used in combination with the catalytic disc (contained inside the special lens case), EasySept® peroxide solution works to disinfect soft contact lenses. After six (6) hours the neutralisation process is completed and the peroxide solution is converted to a preservative free saline solution.

Preparation and Usage

Place lenses in special lens case baskets.  Fill to line with EasySept® and secure lid.  Neutralise overnight or minimum 6 hours.  Fresh lenses ready for your eyes.    WARNINGS.  Ensure the catalytic disc is positioned in the base of the special lens case before use.  EasySept® peroxide solution must always be used in conjuction with the enclosed special lens case including catalytic disc.  Do not apply (unneutralised) hydrogen peroxide solution directly into the eye.  Do not insert lens directly into the eye until complete neutralisation of the solution has occurred (minimum 6 hours).  If unneutralised EasySept® peroxide solution gets into the eye, immediately remove the lens and flush the eye with either saline or running water.  Use only fresh EasySept® peroxide solution with every disinfecting cycle and discard from lens case after each use.  Sterile until opened.  Do not use if bottle cap seal has been broken or without accompanying fresh lens case and catalytic disc.  Do not use after the expiry date indicated on the outer carton.  Discard the bottle and lens case three (3) months after first use or after 35 uses, whichever occurs first.  


Tightly seal bottle when not in use.

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